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My country–is the best

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Aug 2010 Contest, English Poetry





                                 Like many an Indian

                                   I am very proud

                         to own my place in my nation

                    as a ‘Bharatiya’ or an Indian to be loved

                              and shared its civilization, 

                       culture, heritage and brotherhood. 


                           Being equally proud of its diversity

               magnificent landscapes and places of pilgrimage,

                         decorated by rivers,majestically

                flowing Ganges, Godavari and Arabian sea

                         singing lullabies to the mighty

               Himalayas, Vindhya and Sahyadri  mountain range.


                                  I would like to share its joy

                            sorrow and uniqueness to imbibe

                            its ideals, deep thoughts, spirituality

                           principles  and policy of non alliance.


                                  An Indian finds integrity

                         through India’s varied languages,

                             customs, views and variety

                                in castes and religions.

                       Indian sons and daughters are great,

                       as they are revered by other nations.


                        India’s old generation and the youth

                 surprisingly, contribute towards integration

                 through various means and measurement;

                 No doubt, through  mutual wedlock, the dissolution

        of differences is gained among the South and the North– 

                     Indians bringing out deeper integration.


                                 My country– is the best

                            has a sublime place in the east

                      tries to pursue all good things, first

                     to hold reputation in the world, not the least,

                              respecting all forms of art

                       good and valuable, close to the heart.








  1. Vishvnand says:

    Good one about our country, our mother land.
    Liked the poem very much.
    ” Meraa Bhaarat Mahaan”
    but are we its deserving children is the real question …..

  2. kishan says:

    Nice One your country and my country ……mera bharat mahan..so mese 99 beimaan …

    • medhini says:

      @kishan & Vishvji;
      Thank you very much for delightful
      comments. I have modified the poem
      a bit and you can kindly go through it
      once again if time permits.

      • Vishvnand says:

        Nice modifications.
        Continuing I would like to add

        It is for we citizens now to uphold
        the dignity & reputation of our nation
        with lovely meaningful activities always
        deserving of our citizenship of the great nation

  3. rajdeep says:

    very nice to read
    loved it ma’am

  4. anupama says:

    nice patriotic poem 🙂

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