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Not a lie but not true either ….!

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Many feelings lurk within our sub-conscience without our knowing consciously what they are and affect our mood.

Since today morning my mood was down, I could not consciously know why.  It got a tremendous boost when I knew India won the match. I could now know the mood was down in the morning because India was in a precarious situation. The write has emerged out of & about feelings of such phenomenon.

Not a lie but not true either ….!

I am not lying when
I in all seriousness say & maintain
I care two hoots for cricket
It does not matter to me if India wins or loses
I even hate & now don’t on TV watch cricket
Even so when India loses a game
I feel badly hurt & insulting
If India wins, my mood is
that of elation & jumping
All this happening
somewhere deep within
Without my permission

I say & maintain that company shares
are not of any day to day consequence for me
For I don’t at all so much as trade in shares
I don’t care & it doesn’t matter
whether Index is up or down whatever….
There are so many other things
that interest me & to me are more dear
But when share market goes  up
For no reason there is a feeling of delight within
When it is down, the mood within is hurting
Without my permission

I don’t lie when I say things
But there is often so much difference in
what I seriously say I think & feel
And the real feeling within
As if their layers are far differing …..

Therefore when I say
“I don’t at all care
about your comments or opinion”,
I am not lying
But it may not be a true expression
For I don’t know how really may your opinion
affect me within, without my permission ….!



  1. dp says:

    all-rounding performance.

  2. rajivsrivastava says:

    yours way of writing is brilliant sir–aur kya likhu–congrats

  3. kanchana says:

    A nice write which reflects that the inner self’s trail is closely monitored.

  4. sonal says:

    A very nice poem Sir.

  5. medhini says:

    True feelings are projected through
    the poem- Some feelings may be superficial
    and yet some others are innermost, Vishvji.

  6. very nice poem , vishvji

  7. legend says:

    hey ,
    nice poem …

  8. legend says:

    hey,nice poem

  9. parminder says:

    What fantastic writing and such an entertaining read! True, sometimes the head and heart conflict !

  10. seema sahaa says:

    What profound perceptions…so brutally honest and true.. deep within, the smallest of things may hurt or elate us…sometimes much against our wishes… we do try to rationalize…. but then…dil hai ki mantaa nahin!!

    Another salute to you….. What an idea Sirjiii!!!

    • Vishvnand says:

      @seema sahaa
      I don’t have words to describe how very honored I feel to receive a comment worded in the the way you have about this write of mine. I harbor a feeling of great respect for your abilities to pen beautiful poems and continue to hope that you would commence posting your poems at p4poetry some day soon.
      Your comments are always a great encouragement/motivation to me so are your classic poems. I must admit, I cherish very much your comments on my Hindi as well as English writes and feel very happy when I get obliged.

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