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The Wild Fire

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English Poetry

Wandering in the forest,

I am, alone…

The sun has set,

The light, too gone…

The howling winds,

Make the tree leaves whisper,

The cries of the wolves, fills the air,

And the lone ranger silently whimpers…

The hour is late,

The moon my only acquaintance…

The sky is starless but lit by the moon,

Beneath which the shadow of the nocturnal dance….

The only sound is of my steps,

And the dead leaves crunching beneath,

The sound of the scampering of the mice,

And of a bat, gritting his teeth….

My heart is flooding with worries,

With frightened tears,

With a wish to get out of here,

and unspoken fears……

for once I wanted to get back,

to the life I left behind….

To the streets of familiar faces,

They flashed in my mind…

I was dying to find a clear patch,

Of land and  of soft grass,

A stream of sweet water,

Where the water is clear as glass…

I found the land,

Miles deep, into the heart of the dark woods,

The perfect turf I had wished for,

The gleaming waters nearby, I drank the water, as much as I could………….

Then struck two stones,

To ignite a flame….

The spark leaped, and became a fire,

The fire, wild, not a spark was tame….

When I saw the burning flame,

A state of fervor overcame me,

The fire crackled, the flames danced,

I looked on, as it burned my anxiety…..

I stared on,

As it burnt my fears, worries, tears and unwanted desires….

I was cured, completely healed,

By a wild forest fire….


  1. Maitreyee Dixit says:

    my second one! 🙂

  2. Gion Gion says:

    a great interpretation of a wild fire. We normally think of destruction when this phrase is used but here you have gone back into the human mind, back through timeless time to Man’s deep, original relationship with fire. It heats, it lights, it drives away the dangers and fears of the forest, the night, the dark but the human, mind, heart, soul cannot banish some part of a fear of it, the wild fire,

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Indeed very delighting & meaningful poem.
    Pointer to a very budding talent.
    Liked immensely.
    commends. Pl. do keep it up

  4. parminder says:

    Definitely a beautiful description of the human mind in connection with the emotions burning like wildfire . Beautiful indeed!

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