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Truly a Boon….!

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Truly a Boon….!

A profound feeling
has taken deep roots within….
It feels as if p4p friends
are busy posting poems,
at p4poetry for me,
like a boon to entertain
Very lucky indeed being this me !

With profound respect,
I read the poems & listen with heart,
muse over them, enjoy them.
Remaining basking in delight
As comments, my feelings then I write
Enjoying as my lovely duty at site

Many poems from me within,
spring up of their own volition,
on different subjects & manifestations,
in serene enlightenment
as if in grateful acknowledgment,
in response & obligation
to the beautiful poems read daily,
and get posted back at p4poetry,
for sharing & learning enjoyably.

Both activities thus contenting greatly
My profound passion for poetry.

I know with serene humility;
All this for me HE has done & is doing,
for my joy & love for poets & poetry
I remain in total gratitude to HIM,
And through HIM to our lovely p4poetry
So also to all here my astute p4p fraternity
for this blessed boon and courtesy..!



  1. Gaurav Saxena says:

    very well written sir ….
    liked it immensely….

  2. dr.paliwal says:

    Very nice sirji……

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks so very much for the comment.
      I knew you would like this for this is not an individual case any
      But am so sure similar are the feeling at p4poetry of members many…..

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