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Ode To Beauty

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English Poetry

If only I could catch,

The starry twinkle of the dark night;

If only I could touch,

The flashing smile of the dazzling moonbeam;

If only I could hold,

The curvaceous contours of the sloping hills;

If only I could enfold,

The rippling tresses of the silken stream;

If only I could caress,

The smoothness of the sinuous branches;

If only I could kiss,

The perfumed nectar within the spring-buds;

– Would it appease,

The hunger of my heart;

Would it quench,

The thirst of my spirit;




  1. Kusum,
    The ‘if and buts ‘ of existence well expressed . If only I could hold time in the palm of my hand . No, the thirst of the spirit is unquenchable.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful delighting poetry
    ” If only” is a feeling in noble hearts
    that makes life a beauty, worth living

    Hearty commends for the poem.

  3. parminder says:

    ” If wishes were horses……” All of us are consumed by these ” if onlys” and after all that too would we not look for more? Humans, unquenchable!
    But yes, the beauty of nature is so inviting, one would want to be lost totally. You present it all so beautifully!

  4. kusumgokarn says:

    The more discoveries human beings make, more and more mysteries of the universe keep unravelling.
    Nature’s beauty is fathomless & endless.

  5. medhini says:

    A wonderful poem, well

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