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H O N E S T Y ….!

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H O N E S T Y ….!


Habits of hurry worry & guile in the methods for securing our wants & desires

Often this great human quality has been forgotten & is getting very badly butchered

Not realizing this quality practiced is the very foundation for good & peace everywhere

Emerges  this  a  godsend  characteristic  naturally  & voluntarily from everyone’s within

Suppress & substitute we do this with guile to change the holistic atmosphere to bad kind

To the detriment of promoting natural justice & cause sin to sadly prevail with impunity

Yet, to those who religiously practice this, it’s a fine happy life of esteem & magnanimity


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  1. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    Vishvnandji forget the acronyms and just make poems with the flow. You have been making lines out of acronyms for a very long time now. Now give up this practice and start writing from the heart.

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Apurva Bharat Gaglani ,
      Thank you for your comment/feelings/suggestion
      Acrostics and not acronyms are these
      Passion for poetry & feeling about the word makes me compose these
      Unable understand why you say “give up this and write from heart” please
      Really speaking these are sincere thoughts/feelings from heart put in the form of word acrostic
      Verily this is a new pastime of mine developed with being connected with p4poetry
      And I too have already written many & do continue to write poems of different variety…

      So I am unable to understand the real motivation behind making this comment which I would like to know. It may be that the acrostics are not to your standard or you do not appreciate this form of poem.
      But I must say it gives lot of pleasure to the one who tries to compose them & compels him to share too.

      And yes, I hope & expect friends/readers reading these would comment on the “word” with their own feelings & thoughts about it in response just as giving their comment on acrostic..

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