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The firmament Of Love

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English Poetry

The firmament of love needs to be illumined,

By only this –

The perseverant star-gleam of trust resolved,

The persistent moon-glow of hope renewed,

The permanent sun-glitter of promise retained.



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Intense muse on the subject
    Elegantly & beautifully penned in choicest words
    Liked immensely

  2. Kanchana Selvakumar says:

    Lots conveyed in these lovely lines and the per..et and re..ed rhyme 🙂

  3. s.n.singh says:

    what does firmament mean?

  4. medhini says:

    Very intense and meaningful, Kusumji.

  5. Hi
    Truly, the sun , moon and stars and their auras teach us the beauty of unconditional love.

  6. Sir ,
    I took firmament of love to mean the span of love but in reality Kusum meant the sky of love . I regret the mistake .

  7. Gion Gion says:

    Ah Sarala, S.N. Singh and Me,
    same sounding words can play tricks on us.
    – Filament = thread, wire
    – Firmament = the sky, the physical heavens.

  8. Gion Gion says:

    interesting indeed.
    The contradictions and tensions of words and imagery are well done.
    The opposition of passive and active and the right down the middle of the lines the equation of “love” with physical / metaphysical / poetic light.
    Jam packed with allusion, style and thought, for me.
    A good write,

  9. parminder says:

    Small, intense and full of valuable content! Liked immensely.

  10. kusumgokarn says:

    Dear friends,
    Most impressed with all your fine comments and feed back.

  11. Rajdeep says:

    i tried to get into the depth of it with the help of above mentioned comments
    and its marvelous

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