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Star becoming

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English Poetry

I was attracted to a heavenly star,

The rarest, brightest, choicest  of all;

The more it eluded my grasp,

The more it mystified me.

Thus I was diverted

To cutting out  paper stars,

Of fanciful dreams,

But they satisfied me not.

I was even distracted

By bejwelled stars,

Of worldly ambitions,

But they gratified me not.

Then I was detracted,

By the myriad stars,

Mirrored in the sea of humanity,

But they pacified me not.

Now with  frantic desperation,

I wait for the final death leap;

Either the star shall consume me,

Or I must convert myself into a star.







  1. Vishvnand says:

    Elegant empathetic poem of pondering in delighting desire & meaning,
    Uniquely of merging into a star or being one permanantly…
    Liked the poem immensely


  2. medhini says:

    This poem brings forth a sort of
    despair. Never give up hope.
    Well written,Kusum.

  3. kusum says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    Despair and hope follow each other like night and day.

  4. Kanchana Selvakumar says:

    When the fascination is immense nothing else really can be a replacement.Liked the poem very much.

  5. sangeeta says:

    Well written. Forcefully brings out the compelling desire, the despair and desperation at the elusiveness of its fulfillment and ultimately a “Do or Die” attitude for fulfilling this desire, though I do wish that the “Do” attitude was stronger than the “die” one.

  6. kusum says:

    Thanks for all your fine comments.
    I think the title suggests a positive attitude.

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