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Game Of Genesis

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Anthology 2013 Entries, English Poetry

The game of genesis is getting too old and feeble.

This is the age

When the aged are condemned

To sit still and watch vacantly

Their young ones fade out to foreign climes.

Doddering with shrivelled promises,

Tottering with shrunken hopes,

They pray for release from barren existence.

Sucked out of the last drop

Of their desire for living,

They breathe on against their will

On artificial ventilators and life supports.

Yet, death denies them

The much longed for visit.




  1. Vishvnand says:

    Very well put & splendidly portrayed
    A sad commentary of how the facts seem to be
    For this malady unfortunately there does not seem to be any remedy
    Except more importantly for the old to cultivate a detached attitude lovingly & wisely
    to looking at life & with wisdom to gracefully & gratefully embrace reality …
    driving away any resentments through study of profound teachings in spirituality..

    Hearty commends

  2. Gion Gion says:

    a powerful poem.
    It expresses a sense of discontinuity set in the opening line.
    Disappointment rather than bitterness comes through,

  3. Kusum,
    Captured well the sense of desolation of the aged,
    awaiting a certain rite of passage with eagerness.
    There appears to be a sense of frustration that it is
    taking its own time to come by .

  4. kusum says:

    Gion & Sarala,
    Thanks a lot for your fine analysis.
    The main emphasis is on the strange dichotomy between some young hale and hearty persons being snatched away in the prime of their youth by the cruel hands of fate while the old doddery lingering with aches and pains surviving almost in vegetable state sometimes, without hope of recovery.

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