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English Poetry

(Titanic – Prompt – Movie name)

A maiden voyage filled with pride

The ship bedecked – like a beautiful bride

Society’s status symbol – The world’s very best

Could not fight destiny….pass natures test


An Eclectic mix of passengers on the trip

The much coveted unsinkable ship…

Class divides…vanity galore

To embark on their last journey gathered ashore…


Confident and graceful she plowed full speed

The warning messages she did not heed

As the world watched with amazing awe

The cruel ice berg ….too late the crew saw…


The captain tried to steer clear,  of the frozen mass

 Shining ahead like crystal glass

They tried to turn …it was too late

A massive rip in the ship’s hull – sealed its fate


The ill numbered life boats a few did save  

The rest sank deep into their watery grave…..

From the clutches of death only a few returned

A horrific disaster – a lesson well learned!!




  1. P4PoetryP4Praveen says:

    This “Titanic” won’t sink Seema ji… 🙂 Ya really portrayed very well on mind-canvas… 🙂

  2. viju says:

    nice trip ,

    to de bottom of the sea 🙂

  3. Pramod Khilery says:

    A fantabulous story poem. We should make children read it.
    I loved the way you told the story. Thanks

  4. VishVnand says:

    Liked very much the crisp description and story-telling in the poem, maintaining a smooth flow as also the pertinent details.
    An excellent write.

    • seema says:

      @VishVnand, Thank you…encouragement and appreciation at the same time..

      BTW did you read my comment to P4Poetry at the “To India – On Republic day” poems site? Can I please request you to?

  5. rajdeep says:

    i am agree with Vishvnand sir
    and really enjoyed every words if it

  6. sonal says:

    Nice story poem.
    very well written.

  7. Preeti Datar says:

    Seema, this(as per me) is your better poems. The rhythm, the rhyme, the pace is very apt for the theme 🙂 the best part is it is a story told, no masala added 🙂

  8. dr.paliwal says:



    • Seema says:

      @dr.paliwal, Thank you …this was a quick one for the prompt…I had not yet written and the new prompt was up..so to avail of the opportunity…Titanic ka sahara liya…

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