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ME – As a Teacher!

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English Poetry

I dont worry about
any praise or blame
I do my best
without expecting gain.

As a challenge I
serve my friends
wanting them to be all
wonderful gems.

Notes are prepared
with lots of pain
imparting something new
is always my Aim.

Loving my students
never using a cane
No cheap talk
for personal fame.

Utilizing my time
to enlighten them
to put moral values
In tender brains.

Never knowing why
student respect me well
feels proud seeing them
Hearty and hale.

Without a role model
Teaching is in vain
Only what I practice
That’s all I tell them.



  1. krishna says:

    Good work Parul…

  2. Preeti Datar says:

    A teacher’s point of view…..well said.

  3. hmmm… nice and simple.

  4. dr.paliwal says:

    Good one……
    Nicely rhymed………

  5. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful poem indeed.
    Liked very much.
    It took me back many many years, to the fond remembrance of a few of my teachers, whom I hold deep in my heart.

  6. Gion Gion says:

    the rhyming was a bit strained towards end but no real problem.
    I have to say I like this a lot. It’s plain and flows. Your love of teaching is clearly expressed.
    Oh! and the title is wonderful! I often think of myself in my role.
    The most outstanding thing I get from this simple work is a sense of your humility and humanity, beautiful,

  7. medhini says:

    A beautiful piece. Enjoy your
    work. Isn’t it a bit autobiographical?

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