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My Son

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English Poetry

From baby to boy to man,
An eternal, unfolding plan.
This is my son, my only boy.
Too often my unspoken joy.

Yes, we have hugged
And sometimes kissed.
More often have hands clasped
Or shoulders heavily slapped.
We do not say “I love you”
Except, occasionally, out of the blue.
We know what is between us
But never create a fuss.

I see in him the best of me.
In fact, more than I could be.
For there, is also the best of her.
My son beyond us soars higher.
Through changes he has gone
But lets himself none put upon.
He sees, he thinks, he weighs
And true to himself he stays.

He is my Son, my second born.
He is my boy, my second Crown.


  1. krishna says:


    Love a proud father like you. I am sure you’ve done your best to be what he is today . And I am sure he’s been brought up in the best culture possible.

  2. vartika says:

    wow… i just am overwhelmed wid emotions reading ur poem…. a relationship of a father and son is truly such… they may not always say dat they love each other, but still it is somethign dats understood…

    i always love d way u choose a simple theme and talk about the minutest detail and every possible aspect of it… 🙂

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful poem indeed.
    Nicely portrays the feelings of a proud father about his growing promising son, which most fathers will identify with and bask in the poem’s finery.
    Liked immensely, Very commendable write.

  4. ULHAS says:

    beautiful poem….what else can I say………..

    Thats the way to go……..

    I know your emotions……But sir the lines as below dont fit in to the poem hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Yes, we have hugged
    And sometimes kissed.

    And Sometimes kissed…………I think you should change it….Its just an advice

    The poem deserves a 5 stars and so you would get it……

    • Gion Gion says:

      thanks for your comments and stars.
      The above lines, could you give me your idea of how they don not fit into the poem? Would one or both deleted improve the flow?,
      kind regards,

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