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21st Century Picture Presents “Vande Matram”

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English Poetry

————————–Vande Matram Version of the selfish world————————


Sound be my son, Sound be my home,

Sound thus be me, Sound me divine,

Sums let in and sums none out, may I seek sum,

Sum that be such big, Sum that be mine,

See thou my mother, set me such free,

Such be the day, a day just for me,  

each day be such, I seek to be.  


Serve me the Wisdom, Serve me the sense,

Serve thou what you have, Serve with thou hands,

Stir my spirits, stir up thy favors all in my defence

Stir up my zest, to win over each, Stir up my sway over other’s lands.

See thou mother, such be thou inclined,  

Such be my day, days upbeat in drums,

each day be such, dancing on its hums.


Seas of sun thou the Sea in sail,

Seas thou soothe pleasance, Seas thou bring breeze,

Storms thou strike the other side; Storms on mine not prevail,

Storms if be, Storms they be of ease,

See thou my mother, set upon thou shimmer, 

Such be the day, day in the sun,

each day be such, shine upon thou sun.


Steal me some happiness, Steel me the glee

Steel me the success, Steel from wherever and bring it to me,

Strike upon me thou tune, Strike upon me victory,

Strike upon me the power, Strike upon me my wish, my each plea,

See thou my mother, set me thus free,

Such be the day, day in control,  

Each day be such, the reins in control.


Such be my mother thou favors upon me,

Swear to you thee mother, Oh mother thou,

Swear thou my mother, thou be better to this son, 

Swear thou my mother, thou be my mother,

Mother, Oh Mother mine,

Mother sweet, I bow to thee,

Mother great and free!



————————–Vande Matram Version of the selfish world————————–


  1. ULHAS says:

    Dear All,

    This is the Vande Matram poem for the modern selfish world.

    Please dont get offended by the same.

    Have a great independence day.

    Ulhas Kavle

  2. Vishvnand says:

    A very beautiful poem,
    So also a very sad but a true commentary of why we say “Vande Mataram”, to please our Mother wanting in return everything to be bestowed to us by her to satisfy our greed & unworthy desires without an iota of our obligation of what our duty is to The Mother. A sad but true fact of the present situation & state of affairs.
    A commendable write but will it open the eyes on this important day.?
    Personally have liked the poem & the manner of presentation, immensely

  3. medhini says:

    A marvellous and imaginative poem
    well rhymed. Liked the poem. Stars
    are allotted already.

  4. rajdeep bhattacharya says:

    what a rite sir
    liked it

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