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Autumn Haikus

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English Poetry


Autumn Haikus…..

These are a few Haikus written on the Topic – Autumn…..

I have used an website http://www.wordcalc.com/ and http://www.haikuwithteeth.com/index.php  for Syllable count

All are almost in 5-7-5 Syllable Structure.



Autumn falls red bloom,

dead leaves thriving colors

of failures I gloom.




Greens flirt the shining sun,      

cool breezes spoil in the delight,

the maidens harvest.




Amid crimsons of fall

and the green shades of summer,

Autumn sneaks in.




Rain and heat play,

togetherness of Indian summer,

every such love parts.  




Trees are more wrinkled,

leaves are now more crumbled,

wastage of chlorophyll.    




Summer winds aren’t stout,

an autumn breeze worthier,

leaves desert trees.  




Orange sun stays hung,

in twilight shadowed day,

Autumn leaf painted.  






  1. ULHAS says:

    Dear All,

    I am learning Haikus now…………….The above ones are my contribution to the competition.

    Please comment………please please please……..

    Ulhas Kavle

  2. Ray says:

    Very beautiful Ulhas and all very worthy contenders.

  3. medhini says:

    Nice poems, Ulhas.Enjoyed
    reading them.

  4. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Dear Ulhas, Please let me tell that each haiku needs to be built/made of 17-characters (letters) only in the proportion of 5-7-5 = 17 i.e.
    5-letters in the first line, 7-letters in the second line and again 5-letters in the third line. This is the terminology (5+7+5=17) to lay down a haiku, as defined in the rules – as far as known to me. So you may please go ahead accordingly, if and when indulging in writing haikus, which is a Japani word. May please also consult other veterans like Vishvnandji etc., for confirmation, if you like. Thanks !

    • ULHAS says:

      @ashwini kumar goswami,

      I totally agree with you that VishVanandji is a Guru,,,,,,,,,,,,,I respect him from the bottom of my heart………….

      Thanks for your suggestions. I really appreciate them.

      Writting Haikus hasnt been so easy for me……

      But Poetry is one form which is ever changing…Modern Haiku is not about 5-7-5 Syallable. Only the Japanese poets used it as it best fits their grammar styles. You have freedom to twist it in english.

      • ashwini kumar goswami says:

        @ULHAS, You are very right, Dear
        Ulhas! I, too, was of the same view as yours, but had to be unusually
        reluctant on certain advice from here and there. So please go ahead
        as you deem proper.

  5. rajdeep says:


  6. Vishvnand says:

    Liked the effort, outcome and the muse in all the above.

    Ulhas & Ashwinikumar ji,
    I am not only no guru but in fact a complete novice as far as understanding of Haiku is concerned and in the knowledge of what rightly qualifies as a Haiku & what does not.

    About Haiku in English, there are some at our p4poetry who are quite well versed, and who have earlier already written & posted their Haiku’s here and thus have also introduced Haiku and created interest for it at our site. Renu & Anuradha have also written about Haiku in English at the Forum. They would be more qualified to say what confirms to Haiku, what does not and what deviations are supposed to be acceptable.

    It is just that when Haiku in Hindi was being discussed at the forum, in addition to what Vartika had nicely written at the forum, I could access an Internet site which elaborated in details about Hindi Haikus and indicated that for Hindi Haikus, the syllables in effect mean “akshar”(Alphabets) and they should be 5/7/5. There is no mention of any acceptable deviations from this in that article. I have repeatedly mentioned about this site & the URL of this site, being again reproduced here. This, in my opinion is a very valuable write for those interested in composing haikus in Hindi.
    Seeing your comments & replies in the matter, I thought I should clarify my position about Haiku for what it is worth.

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