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An extra charge.

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English Poetry

I had thought to the doctors that I was an extra charge.

When I got the bill I knew that I was indeed – an extra charge.

The ambulance staff all cool and professional got me to the A&E.

The first question “Have you insurance?” incase, you see, of – an extra charge.

As I lie on the table the annoyed surgeon

Slaps nurse’s un-used disinfectant on my thigh – yes, you got it!.

The senior surgeon pops out of his booth

To quickly check what’s going on – an extra charge

The local anesthethic in jabbed into my hip

The whole team waits chit-chatting – yes, you know it.

A scalpal slices into my femoral artery to commentary

Don’t try to see look at the monitor” – an extra charge.

Pumped full of blue dye I feel massive hives rising on my skin

You said you had no allergies?”, “Blue in my veins is new to me, isn’t it?”

A skittish nurse sticks me with a cortozone injection,

And soon the rash subsides but at – an extra charge.

The junior doctor pushes down on my wound to stop the bleeding

Then lifts her hands from the wound to check it.

The blood so thinned by asperin just keeps gushing

But then it stops for a night’s observation at – an extra charge.

These people are my employees, add indirect taxes and levies,

And private health insurance, no wonder our health system we resent it.

Thank God I suffered from mere symtoms and was given five years clear

But five month later my surgeon moved and tried to tap me for – an extra charge!


  1. Ray says:

    Nice one Fergus and so true…… Perhaps we should open a long term deposit account a blood bank.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Very beautiful poem and an elegant jibe at the situation today.
    A matter of serious concern to everybody probably more serious than the ailment itself. Medical profession is no more an honest honorable service, but is now a plain business of extracting as much money from the helpless patient as possible bringing all possible extras in its fold to inflate the bill..

  3. medhini says:

    A splendid and elegant poem
    on hospitalisation and treatment,

  4. rajdeep says:

    its true,i loved it ,
    very nice

  5. swapnil says:

    i liked it..

  6. ULHAS says:

    Good poem and does your country also work on the insurance system, wish in India as well we have some sort of insurance system.

    Great message….

    Stars = 5

    • Gion Gion says:

      we have a 2 tier public/private system paid for by everyone and benefiting the rich patients but mainly the consultants and the insurance companies,

  7. Parespeare says:

    a very different poem
    liked it

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