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Growing Down

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When you were a growing child
Sometimes meek, sometimes wild
Did you play with sticks and string
An old tyre used as a swing
A wheel and a rod down the lane
Splash in puddles after rain
Did you knock on doors and run away
With simple un-costly things you’d play

You grow up, have children of your own
And find, for toys you need a loan
Computer games with so much aggression
It’s proved this can lead to a therapy session
Mobile phones at the age of nine
TV in the bedroom you run a line
Today you have to be wealthy
For your child to grow up unhealthy


  1. Gion Gion says:

    true, well written.
    that must have been in the back of my mind today.
    new wellingtons tried out in the puddles on the road.
    tennis matches on the concrete slab road with lines of tar but still the McEnroe tantrums!

    • Ray says:

      Thank you Fegus. I felt that I may have sounded as if I were saying ” When I was your age” But I did have a fantastic stick gun that I used to fight off those pesky Red Indians.

  2. Parespeare says:

    life was fun as a child
    life is fun now too

  3. medhini says:

    A beautiful poem, remembering
    the childhood and today’s
    demanding situation.

  4. Vanita Thakkar says:

    Nice depiction of nostalgia as well as a sad reality of the present conditions.

  5. Ray says:

    Thank you all for your comments. Its unfortunate but a reality that things change with time, but with age time seems to go far faster. We all sometimes wish we could return to those days of innocent fun. So as Parespeare says “have fun anyway as you have nothing to lose”

  6. Vishvnand says:

    A very nice & thoughtful poem on the state of affairs of children today as compared to what it was when we were children those days. This is a time of abundance,. abundance of everything good as well as bad/evil, as compared to what was then. We can do nothing about it but fall in line with the times and go along making wise choices to the extent of our wisdom and discretion ability choosing more of the advantages of the present times rather than disadvantages.
    A very beautiful poem no doubt..

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