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English Poetry



(1) As a climax of his acting art,

Salman Khan in a film emitted a fart !

To act as in natural living life,

As if blowing a musical bag-pipe,

He proved thus an actor very smart !

(2) A young man didn’t get any earning job,

So he was thinking either to steal or rob !

Instantly, then he hit upon a plan,

He labelled empty bottles with “Big-B’s Fart At Dawn”,

Sold like hot cakes, numerous bottles among large mob !

(3) A beautiful lady very much annoyed, feels,

When dirty are always found, her heels !

She never, hence, remains without socks,

Exposing all time, her hairy locks,

Always hesitating whenever she kneels !

(4) Ladies need more care for their hair,

To look more and more beautiful and fair !

The charm of their beauty is exalted with sweet voice,

That being  in addition a preter-natural device !

As it adds to their beauty a very lovely flair !

(5) Beauty is always everybody’s charm,

It makes us all, excited and warm,

Unaware of,  if there be any resultant harm,

Despite all well-knowledgeable alarm,

It works just as if greasing our palm !

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  1. Ray says:

    Very good ones, I liked them very much

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Liked all very much, all are lively
    Beautiful, succinct, subtle and jolly,
    Bestowing readers ideas lovely ….

  3. medhini says:

    Beautiful ones, Ashwinji.

  4. rajdeep says:

    very nice sir

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