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Old Men of Indian Politics – Limerick

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English Poetry


Aren’t there too many old men in the Indian Politics?

old and shrewd, they whip and whisk,

           these crooked shrewd men,

           would stay on till when?

Bed-ridden on a slip disc or till they flee on a frisk!




  1. medhini says:

    A marvellous and thoughtful poem, Ulhas.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Nice one. Liked it very much.
    I think something brisk should happen to frisk them away so they retire in peace and let the younger group manage the affairs of the nation.

  3. Parespeare says:

    until the last breath, they would continue being politicians
    i think they never dream of retiring

  4. rajdeep says:


  5. Ray says:

    Nice one, do you not think that it would look and read better justified left and capitalised. Just a suggestion.

    • ULHAS says:


      Ray, thanks for the comment. before posting the Limerick I studied the type of poetry on the web and found out that most of the web site have put the format of the poetry like I have, so I thought that, that was the right way of doing it…..

      Thanks sir….

  6. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Seconding the comments of Mr. Ray, I still feel satiated with the deep
    and pensive position of physically unfit politicians, for whom there is no
    age-bar, nor any need of medical fitness prerequisite as is necessary
    even at the lowest cadre of class IV service in the nation, distinctly
    India, Pakistan and /or similar Asian countries – as compared to other
    American or Europian countries, where administrators/politicians are
    all through martial and physically stout ! More serious is the case when
    even after their political or physical failure, they never fail to cast their
    sons/daughters/wives just to take after them. En effect, there ought to
    be a prerequisite of minimum academic qualification, age limit as well
    as physical/medical fitness to hold the responsibility of governance
    in too vast a country like India ! Alas ! It could be so, Dear Ulhas !

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