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Silent Wishes & Secret Kisses

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She is a Goddess of the silver screen
Every one of her movies I have seen
She’s such a beautiful Bollywood Diva
And I have little chance to ever meet her
For I am a lowly vendor of sugared chi
With nothing about me to catch her eye
I have many pictures of her on by wall
Hours spent gazing upon them all
There’s a poster of her pasted high
Behind my stall in central Mumbai
Every day I raise my eyes above
I can not openly display my love
I just have my recurring dream
Where I’m a hero, and in the final scene
I rescue her from a villain’s evil intention
And in this fantasy of my own invention
She loses her heart to me alone
The happiest ending I’ve ever known
But alas I wake up to reality
Knowing that it could never be
I’m content with my silent wishes
And the thoughts of secret kisses


  1. vartika says:

    🙂 reminded me of “OM SHANTI OM”…the movie…

    • Ray says:

      Thank you Vartika, I have not seen the movie you mention but I will make a point of getting the DVD. Sounds like a good plot “He Ha”

  2. Ulhas says:

    great and simply great……….you are enjoyin a great time with the rhyme king on your side………………………………….Simply great..

    Stars = 5

  3. Ray says:

    Thank for your comment ulhas
    And the offer of a 5 star bonus
    But here I think an omission my friend
    An error you can not defend
    You must have been thinking of this star you love
    For I don’t see any gold stars above

    Only joking, thank you for your appreciation.

  4. ULHAS says:

    Sorry, here they are……………..

  5. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem. Liked it very much.
    That’s what virtual reality is all about in which we tend to be living more and more now a days with the explosion of software over hardware… 🙂

  6. medhini says:

    A fantastic fantasy poem,Ray.
    Liked it very much.

  7. Parespeare says:

    lovely poem Ray

  8. Ray says:

    Thank you all for your appreciation.

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