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Writer’s block …? !!!

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Writer’s block …? !!!

Peeping through candles of dried leaves,
On the grave of an unborn man,
Is moon from the earth,
Watched by the sky in the stars,
A singing owl is searching
For a dead nightingale’s song
and here I am, in a cozy room,
Writing to get over my writer’s block.

—-  xxx  —-


  1. ULHAS says:

    Is this VishVanandji…..I dont believe this……..This is a brilliant poem..

    I guess this is your best one….I just liked the style and english…

    Stars = all they are in the sky….

  2. ULHAS says:

    adding to my favs……….

  3. Ray says:

    SUPERB simply SUPERB 5 star plus

  4. sangeeta says:

    Too good, Sir, though I feel this is not your usual style. Sir, please correct me if I am wrong. I think the line “Watched by the sky in the stars” is erroneous. According to me, it should be “watched by the stars in the sky” or watched by the sky and the stars.” Or is it that you have tried to convey something through this arrangement of words which I have been unable to understand?

  5. H.C.Lohumi says:

    The Milestones of your poetric journey through which you have reached at the top presently. Its our good luck , we are meeting you on the way as local residents.

    Very Nice!!!! Congrats !!!

  6. siddha Nath Singh says:

    ise kahte hain kabeer das ki ulatbansi.

    • Vishvnand says:

      @siddha Nath Singh
      Thanks very much.
      mere liye ye bilkul ansuni nayii kahaavat hai aur poori nahiin kuch kuch hii samajh aa rahii hai 🙂

  7. medhini says:

    A lovely poem with an unusual
    style, Vishvji. No idea, how I didn’t
    look at it before?

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thank you so very much for the comments and feelings in it. I always value your comments very much

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