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Death Afterwards

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A farmer ashemed to go back to his wife,
And children, and mother senile.
The earth is to welded together this sunny afternoon.
Fableswill elude the known in the fantastic.
The near made distant across the sea.

Blow back breeze, blast bare the boulder.
Sunrise stepping solitary in the moonlight.
And snake, another armed animal,
Another bough, and clustered vines.

He glides across the fields aloft
moves out
and stops
on top
a circle
How many dawns have come?

And again to be married, so long afraid:
It seems that time had reached the place.
Wearied considerations, a pathless wood
To a heat that is lasting.

let us mourn
our own deaths
before we die

An unsafe hour, the star was mute.
Shall come previous to him.
Beside twilight he smoked his pipe.
In the end the twilight meets.

One must have a summer mind
To see the frost and snow.
The January day, the sound of land.
Shall make a naught of an ocean.

-Sushil Soni


  1. Gion Gion says:

    Is this thoughts upon suicide?
    I know there has been drought in India putting farmers under extreme pressure.
    “let us mourn
    our own deaths
    before we die” – striking words.

    • sushil soni says:

      @Gion Gion,
      Absolutely not. The protagonist in the poem is an old man, who has lost everything. And he knows that no one is going to mourn after he dies. So, let him do the mourning of his own death which is yet to come.

  2. renu rakheja says:

    Let us morurn our own deaths before we die- so poignant !

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