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Happiness & Money ….!

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English Poetry

Happiness & Money ….!

People who advise us,
“Money is not required for happiness”
Belong to the category of people,
who have little experience with either,

Money is not everything for happiness,
But proper amount of money,
Is sure, all very necessary
for ones proper living & happiness.

Money however doesn’t play,
An overpowering part in Happiness,
Nor is it everything for Happiness,
One can not buy happiness,
You can enquire this from people & celebrities.
Who have a lot but are deserted by Happiness,
And just for show are required to fake happiness.

Rather a lot of money is sure,
An unhappiness of a high order,
An uncalled for bother,
The intense desire to acquire it,
Is leading to uncontrollable greed,
All sorts of crimes for power and sinister deeds,
One indulges, one thinks, one needs.
You can well see this on TV & newspapers you read.
All such acquisition are never ever creating happiness,
But are only leading to worlds all round miseries & unhappiness.

We get fooled thinking more & more money will give us happiness,
Always hanker for money in different ways & forfeit real happiness.
The fact is one does not need too much money for happiness.

Our profound philosophy does not regard
Money as just a means for power & purchase.
We regard Money as Laxmi, A goddess,
To be treated with respect and great honor,
To be prayed for,
To be earned in an honest manner,
As an honest fruit of our toil and discharging of our duties
And its proper use for healthy living
And for worthy causes,
Is the only sincere and real, in life,
the lasting happiness to be adorned & amassed…

—- “ Vishvnand “ —-


  1. xnight_birdx says:

    nicely written, we shouldn’t revolve around money or the other way round. but sadly we are just mere humans so we hunger for power and greed. if we all living on earth were perfect&satisfied than there wouldn’t be a difference between heaven, hell or planet earth (: good job! keep writing.

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thank you very much for your meaningful comment. I just added & modified the poem a bit to cover the point in your comment.

  2. medhini says:

    An impartial and true observation and judgement.
    Well said, Vishvji.

  3. dr.paliwal says:

    well said sirji……

  4. kanchana says:

    A nice poem which clearly says that money should not take control of one’s life.The last paragraph which says that money should be spent for healthy living,I sincerely feel sir, is a virtue that commands high will ,and an art that comes through hard learning if not inherited.The last paragragh tempts for repeated reading.Thanx for the great mesage.

  5. Raj says:

    A very good message conveyed in nice manner. A fact which as all know but but do not know how to control and balance the Equilibrium.

    • Raj says:

      as –> we; but but –> but

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks for your appreciation & comments.
      Yes , as you say; “to know how to control and balance the equilibrium” is the very essence and the struggle in what is life all about. In this regard, to consider money as Goddess Laxmi, respect it, earn it doing worthy deeds, worthy use of it and to know that too much money is not necessary for happiness, makes one work happily in life, enjoying wholesome happiness, irrespective of & unmindful of the fake definition of what gets broadcasted & advertised on TV and media as happiness..

  6. Parespeare says:

    nice meaningful poem Vishvnandji
    lovely last stanza

  7. Ravi Rajbhar says:

    Very Nice…..

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