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Only MY onward Journey.

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English Poetry


One a foots gap

Between the cab

And the median,

one day  a  young maiden,

Shoulders an infant ,

and stretches her arm, bent .

Could not hear;

But, did manage to decipher.


The hackneyed  statement

Baby dead hungry ;it meant.

Another flash I take,

As ever, the infant not awake.

Bearing the scorch sunshine,

too weak to even ,wakeup and whine.

Robbed of even a shelter,

sleeps like a flower,

ready to wither.


 Signal, ready  to get green,

allows me to  think inbetween.

Could be a doped sleep, at noon?

Or is it really her own?

Or an act of cower,

Bartered by her own mother?.


Whatever  ;My mind unrest

Unlike the  still one  on  her chest,

Unaware   of the exploit,

Its  body  made a  portrait;

Of her grief ,distraught,

Could also be falsed.


My question  from within;

Blank always  ; I had been,

On whom is the charge?,


Less privileged  mother,  the carrier,

Or me –   like every beauracrat,

, VIP and his footrest perched black cat,

Law enforcement personel,

 Or qualified professional

In some sphere ,- who passes by,

 a dumb helpless body,

Who suppress the mind ,to erase from memory,.

Even if the soul  feels sorry

As though ;it’s a every day story,

Programmed  to fret and worry

Only about MY onward journey.


  1. Ray says:

    I like this Kanchana, but I do not know the exact reason why. This one of yours I will have to read a few more times.

  2. parminder says:

    Extremely nice. The other day a newspaper revealed how a nanny doped a kid and loaned to beggers for money. Who can you trust? Indeed, how can one be sure of authenticity in any case?

  3. Vishvnand says:

    A very candid beautiful poem of stark reality we come across particularly everyday but have become immune to or deafened to our inner voice for want of any resolution. “Why is this happening, who is to blame, what is the solution” everything looking so very unsolvable.
    I think all such happening faced & witnessed by human race is the effect & due to uncontrollable greed and craving for material living in all its manifestations. What is the solution? I do not know, except that every human being should try and act truthful to his conscience as a good human being to the extent possible in every situation, which is definitely in his hands.
    Thank you indeed for a fantastic poem in all aspects.

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