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“Four Funs Of the Sun”

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English Poetry


“Four Funs Of The Sun”

(Winter Dominating)

Swarthy, whitish, pinkish are three sisters,

With a bald brother usually facing sinisters !

Summer, Winter, Spring, their names to call,

Their brother being yet nick-named as Fall !

# Pleasant looking are both Winter and Spring,

Summer and Fall can never look charming !

Winter mostly prefers protein-rich dishes,

Containing omolettes and well-fried fishes !

# Spring is flexible and a unanimous choice,

Of all humans and animals well to rejoice !

Summer is both teetotaller and vegetarian,

Having also married to an identical civilian !

# Winter artistically makes earth picturesque,

With her creations from dawn to dusk !

Wrapping Mother Earth  with dense greenery,

Which exhibits thus very beauteous scenery !

# People then choose colour-rich winter-wears,

They warm themselves with alcoholic beers !

In addition they also collect wooden splinters,

To burn them to overcome shivering in Winters.

# Preferred are also mid-day walk and sun-bath,

To energize physique to traverse long path !

Frolicsome we all seem in Winter and Spring,

Unlike in other seasons that create itching !

# Teetotallers, vegetarians also enjoy tasty eatables,

With delicious hot-sweets served on tables

Winter and Spring are the Queens of seasons,

Though all four seasons are Funs Of the Sun !

Exquisite warmth is also embracing and kissing,

Winter gone-by,  invariably remains missing !

These are natural phenomena, we have to abide by,

All over the planets orbiting in the sky !

Sky is limitless, it’s sibylline against why ?

It’s too high to reach despite maximum try !



  1. Vishvnand says:

    An elegantly composed beautiful & different poem on the different seasons.
    Liked immensely the beautiful manner of describing the kinship between the seasons and their individual unique specialties from Indian perspective.

  2. sangeeta says:

    A novel and wonderful description of the seasons.

  3. rajdeep says:

    i loved the poem as well as its theme

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