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Sunny Day

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English Poetry

Sunny Day

While walking down the lane,
I fell down yet again,
There was a new hole on my way,
Adding to many more gone astray.
Something won my mind, something I saw,
The Sun was the one I used to draw,
In my art book with a title “Sunny Day”,
Two snowy clouds and a bird in its way.

My happiness was like a shooting star,
Then the pain tuned high my sadness bar.
Pain, not by the irritating baby hole, newly born,
But, by the thought that the Sun was gone!
He was an active smoker, who intrigued,
With his immortal chimney, smoke he slid.
Soon the air suffered and my painting blurred!
I frowned aloud, but, alas! No one heard.

For the holes, which made the on-road-graffiti,
I prayed to God to throw a party,
Don’t do much, just gift a minister for a day!
Only then would the holes be sent to their grave.
For the smoker, it wasn’t the God to pray,
But, my own kind was the one to say.
Else, the disgrace faced by the “Sunny Day”,
Will soon ruin the painting “My Family” one day.

Vijesh Bhute


  1. Gion Gion says:

    an interesting take the impact of human activities and lack thereof!
    The use of imagery comparisons is clever and animates the poem.
    ” irritating baby hole, newly born ” ,
    ” He was an active smoker, who intrigued,
    With his immortal chimney, smoke he slid”.
    The use of painting titles is touching and profound,

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem.
    But rather difficult to comprehend and understand .

  3. Bhupesh says:

    The poem succeeds in highlighting the recent climate change and plight of nature. Human has been responsible for eroding the nature and is still continuing with the same. The poem depict its ill-effects in the form of blurred painting and captures the innocence of a child who is worried about it. Well described.

  4. shubhanshu says:

    nice work yaar…..
    the comparisons were really interesting……
    gr8 work.. keep it up!!!

  5. krishna says:

    Vijesh all I can say is brilliant…
    Your thought process is at an amazing pace and all I request you is to harness your thoughts as much as possible…
    Beautifully written and the message put across subtly.

    5 stars…

    • vijesh bhute says:

      @krishna, I am really very happy sir for the comment 🙂 I will definitely have my thoughts put on the paper. thank you sir once again for the encouragement 🙂

  6. nitu mishra says:

    its really fab vijesh….serioulyyyyyyy……..welll done……………
    n all i want dat jus go ahead n boost som more creative thoughts of urs………..all d very bst……..n 1ce again……..gr88 job……..tc bacccha……….

  7. abhijeet says:

    hey gr8 poem…..n poet tooo…………..
    vry vry nic one…kip it up….

  8. AKSHAY says:

    as usual , gr8….

  9. preeti says:

    ya…nd as usual beautiful..:)

  10. Vishwas says:

    Cool man, really touching…
    Just keep going
    Waiting for the next one…:)

  11. Richa says:

    nice … 🙂

  12. Shreyansh says:

    Vijesh. Loved the way the poem ended. I have no issues with the poem at all, although; the rhyming was forced once. The complexity of the middle phrases do confuse a bit, but the end makes you appreciate the same. Awsaam.

  13. Vardhan Srivastava says:

    awesome dude.. 🙂 i loved it..

  14. Ray says:

    So well written, I found this poem of your most worthey of stars 5 Loved it

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