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Friend, psychologist and philosopher

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English Poetry

Spending about an year, after graduation,

loitering and hunting for job,

he got selected for the post

of a jail teacher and he stood first.


His friends advised him

not to accept the offer,

cautioning about the restrictions

and the problems in dealing with the criminals.


Lending a deaf ear to his friends,

he accepted the post;

though with slight fear and nervousness;

As the days passed, he found immense joy with the prisoners.


He felt, it’s wrong to call them criminals

as some of them opened their hearts,

saying, they are in the jail due to some

unfortunate circumstances and they regret for the same.


He got overwhelmed, when he

could see their enthusiasm and vigour

to learn the lessons defying any excuse; 

Soon, they accepted him as friend, psychologist and philosopher.



  1. U.M.Sahai says:

    A good poem with a message that all criminals are not bad. Some crime might have been committed by them but in some unfortunate and compelling circumstances for which they are repentful and given a chance they are ready to leave the path of crime and live like a normal law-abiding citizen. Congrats Medhini.

  2. Ray says:

    This is a good write Medhini, loved it. You know prisons can be a double edged sword when it comes to learning, on one edge it is a breeding ground to learn new skills used for the continuance of a life of crime and on the other edge it can be the prisoners only opportunity in their lives to gain an education. Which way they turn separates good from evil.

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Very beautiful, meaningful & thoughtful poem.
    of excellent narration and pondering direction.
    Liked immensely.

  4. R.Aarthika says:

    Great,Greater and Greatest poem of yours,ma’am…! the story is in such a manner that everyone could read it and understand the meaning without depending on any dictionary…this is the one which a reader needs…the way of narrating and the theme are awesome…waiting for another great one ma’am..! My hearty congratulations…

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