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Define strength.

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English Poetry

Define Strength.

The lone old tree at the moor

And the struggle it had to endure;

The balance of one legged stork,

For long hours to pick;

Needles of    light that,

Pierce dense forest by sun’s might.

Incessant   call of the cuckoo,

Despite the silence of the echo;

Soft, spongy, little curl of germ,

That anchors  root on rock, so firm.

Dormant bulb, that retains,

Until the next rains.

Strength defines the beauty,

And adds to the bounty.

© Kanchana Selvakumar.


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Different and differently beautiful
    nice muse & meaningful,
    Ending lines very elegant & impacting in the context.
    “Strength defines the beauty,
    And adds to the bounty.”

  2. U.M.Sahai says:

    Good poem indeed, defining the strength in a different way, Congrats, Kanchana.

  3. siddha Nath Singh says:

    reflect the appreciation of nature’s miraculous working in a beautiful style.Think of seeds, small tiny almost invisible but having a future banayan tree itched inside. that is the strength which we may call the inner strength.

  4. Preeti Datar says:

    liked the tone and the style of this poem 🙂

  5. Gion Gion says:

    in spite of good imagery and a feeling for the beauty in the wonder of nature this poem needs a lot of revision.
    Define strength; the title has been left at the start like an orphan on the street.
    You fail to define strength in the poem but announce that “Strength defines beauty” in the last verse. If anything you have defined “perseverance” for man in his life through life awaiting fruition in the natural world. So a new title is needed.
    Verse three needs to be re-worked to get the light/might rhyme.
    Verse four can be put down to rhyme stretching. besides this is the single line that I find so impressive for its paradox –
    ” Despite the silence of the echo” . In fact, I think verse four could be the nucleus of another poem. (The idea of crying out, abandonment, the utter loneliness in unanswering silence. I do hope you consider this a a future theme).

    • kanchana says:

      @Gion Gion,

      The strength of the poem and the title is the way the answer is derived out of the lines by the reader..I wrote the way I do….Furthermore this poem puts different observations together for the same reason.I believe in leaving it intact.Your comments are most welcome as always.

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