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It was late at night, or maybe early morning
When thoughts enter your head without any warning
I had been at a beach party with friends of mine
Too much food and far too much wine
The moon was full, bejewelling the ocean
The music was loud, had to leave the commotion
The beach was beckoning, I took a stroll
Away from the party, and the strains of rock and roll
I had to clear the wine that was clouding my head
I walked and walked but my legs were like lead
I stopped and gazed out across the shimmering sea
It was then that this thought occurred to me
I looked around to my left to my right
Making sure I was alone that moonlit night
I removed all my clothes, a neat pile on the sand
It felt so primeval to nakedly stand
I was free of my chattels, standing alone
About to encounter my own twilight zone
I entered the sea, the waves lapped at my feet
In the chill night air the sea was a welcoming heat
I thought of past sailors who’s sea was their tomb
To me this was my safe haven, my Mothers womb
I sat in the water, drew my knees up to my chin
Trying to cleanse my soul of all original sin
In this new found welcoming foetal retreat
I swear I could feel my Mothers pulsating heartbeat
For at least two hours I remained in this position
Pondering the future, the human condition
Politics, religion, the state of this world
Feeling enlightened and refreshed I slowly uncurled
I would leave this safe haven, clearer in my mind
Optimistic for the future and what I may find
I entered these waters feeling somewhat forlorn
When I emerged I felt miraculously reborn
My soul was refreshed, my mind was clearer
No longer afraid to look at myself in the mirror
I realised that we all need to be sometimes alone
To take stock of our lives, and personally atone
The sins of our past we can’t wash away
But tomorrow will be another day

© Ray Gorringe 2010


  1. Parespeare says:

    nice poem Ray
    one feels rejuvenated after a dip in the waters

  2. medhini says:

    A lovely refreshing poem, Ray.

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Liked the poem and going along with the narration and picturing from start to finish , immensely. Felt something like instant rejuvenation
    Kudos to you for the poem

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