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Woman Remarkable!

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English Poetry



Remarkable woman,

Such remarkable she, as amazing in her presence,

she thinks and thinks more, things to confuse her brain,

damn! That’s not what’s the brain is taught or trained,

for every time she does it so, again and again,

there is a new thing that the brain learns, so brand new content.

Remarkable woman,

Such remarkable woman, she knows she can always explain,

every thing that she has said and every thing that she meant

to all they who stood bothered, of all they complain,

she’s got a remarkable brain, and all are left unaware of her intent.



Remarkable woman,

Such remarkable she and for sure she knows that,

and wherever she is present, present in self and present in thoughts,

there is that extra bit always there under her hat.

And if she’s not as astute, she’s knows she’s cute,

the extra hello, the soft spoken words, she knows would help the intent

or a soft wide smile would surely sparkle a rout,

such and more, so many arms in her pursuit.

Remarkable woman,

Such Remarkable woman, she knows she can mute,

many around in her own style, in her own styled distraught,

for all they who stood arrogant, in their pompous boot,

she’s got a remarkable style, unaware they of her loot.



Remarkable woman,

Such remarkable she, though she’s unaware of her reach,

she uses these weapons, less than she needs,

her brain and her style and her speech,

with all that she has, a little though goes in her greeds.

and not as many times, you see her, a witch,

Remarkable woman,

Such remarkable woman, she knows she can switch,

at the end of the road, where she has to take forth and fight the glitch,

and she will for sure, change the role and breach,

such remarkable woman, unaware all are of her reach.




  1. Parespeare says:

    well written Ulhas
    liked it
    I feel Woman and Men all are remarkable
    we all have within us to make it big
    if we listen to the higher calling
    There is something unique within each one of us. We need to recognize it and go for the prize

  2. medhini says:

    Finely penned poem,Ulhas.
    Where is this remarkable woman?
    BTW it’s nice to see you here after
    a long time.

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Firstly, congrats for indeed a remarkable & welcome return of yours after a lapse of quite some time. Well, was it some rejuvenating holiday you had undertaken? We here were missing your poems and your comments very much during the period.

    This poem shows you have returned for us as a fresh & a different person and so is this beautiful poem of yours in a different lovely style, than your otherwise other lovely styles.

    The “Woman Remarkable” is indeed a remarkable poem of yours of gutsy fine remarkable remarks covering remarkable observations, finely worded.
    I have enjoyed and liked the poem immensely in its content, style and presentation. And feel sure both remarkable women as also remarkable men will enjoy this poem
    Kudos to you for this and wish that hence forth you may be always enabled to find more time for your welcome presence at p4poetry.

  4. rachana says:

    indeed, a woman is remarkable. But, thinking of her in this remarkable way makes you equally remarkable….:-)

    Good one!

  5. rajdeep says:

    nice poem Ulhas ji

  6. Preeti Datar says:

    Hi Ulhas, great to see new poems from you 🙂 Nice topic, but you’ve written better one’s~

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