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Dumb White Pages

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English Poetry


The white paper is sure dumb,

open to words and verses,

on its own its plain and mum,

only to a pen it converses.


The papers held in my hand, stacked a file,

I took them around, walked the streets,

and across the river side, I sat for a while,

though still as blank those sheets.


White papers are sure dull and dumb,

they don’t feel the breeze across the shore,

nor the cuckoos pleasant rhyming hum,

nor the silence of dark, when left in the drawer.


They hint nothing, no emotions they show

how could they, for they feel nothing,

even if I scatter open and want them to know

pages with nothing, those pages don’t mean.


This is what I gazed into the white page,

when writing a verse, putting my fervor,

my thoughts on its void stage,

as passionate, to cast, myself in pour.


  Passionate is me, as any, who writes,

the verses and the rhymes, I paint over,

barrens thus breath and the emotion excites,

the white page alive, I spur.



This is a contest poem




  1. kanchana says:

    Thougtful and wise.Nice one.!!

  2. Gion Gion says:

    a good one. Well rhymed. A fairly natural flow of language.
    A good idea to contrast the passion for writing, creating with inert, blank, lifeless, featureless white paper.
    1) “what them to know” – should this read “want” ? I don’t understand as is.
    2) “emotions excites” – change to “excite”.

  3. subodh says:

    well done sir!!!!!!
    what a piece you have written ,,,,really marvellous!!!!!!!!
    rhyming is also perfect
    htas off to you sir for such a sheer novelity thinking
    take care sir

  4. Vishvnand says:

    Enticing & delightful thought,
    running through the beautiful poem in its entirety..
    Liked immensely

  5. ULHAS says:

    Kanchana, Gion, Subodh, Vishvanandji thanks for the comments. Gion thanks for showing the corrections too……


  6. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    A good piece of writing indeed ! Pleasant to recite or read !
    What about “excites” or “excite”, may please review, as suggested
    by Gion ?

    • ULHAS says:


      Earlier it was “emotions excites”…which Gion felt was wrong, so I corrected that to “emotion excites”……..do you think its still wrong…..if so please suggest…..thanks in advance….

  7. U.M.Sahai says:

    Nice one, but I think it should be “gazed at’ or “gazed into ” in place of “gazed in” because gaze is followed by at, into, on, upon etc. but not by in. Hope you don’t mind. Pl correct me if I am wrong.

  8. rachana says:


    a beautiful poem! congrats!

  9. sangeeta says:

    Beautiful poem, Ulhasji.

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