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“IPL 3” Cricket Final ….!

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IPL 3   Cricket Final ….!

IPL 3 Cricket final is over,
But is it really?
The game outside & in media,
Is still on & being played legally & illegally
That too with extreme seriousness and vehemently
Barring a few, many guilty non-cricket players
In power & politics still remaining disguised
And are maneuvering to extricate them quietly.

They say now that they have found,
This IPL cricket has not been transparent,
Which all along to everyone wise
Was always so very apparent & evident.

They also say, they will go to the roots,
And will find & punish all found guilty.
We know nothing tangible will happen,
And all culprits will remain scot free.
Delaying tactics will help, there is no worry
Just as how all such matters come to an end
This also in due time will go to cold storage of enquiries,
After all innocent public do have a short memory

Due interest to please my son & grandsons in States
I did watch the live IPL cricket final on TV last night,
Which ended very late, our favorite Mumbai Indians losing the fight.

I realized I was repeatedly & all through watching silly ads
and only intermittently very little cricket,
That too whenever onslaught of ads was kind enough to permit.
Through a new ingenious sinister system introduced.
now Ads were being freely bowled between the balls and not only after the over
Their number far exceeding the no of balls bowled in whole match over after over
Ads badly interfering & disgusting for the viewers as if to impress
that concentration on the Game was not at all necessary for enjoying Cricket
The ads had to be all important for the viewers and not at all the game in effect.

Ads & everything else thus had taken charge and were ordered to prominently dominate,
over the poor honest dignified basic game & soul of Cricket.
The public & crowd was being fooled for regarding this as the honest “Game of Cricket”.

I felt to wondering if this was cricket what the game was
That we so loved, played gentlemanly & watched in our childhood as cricket
And what would if at all be the feelings & sentiments of real cricket on this so called cricket

Don’t know how I can discuss this IPL cricket game
Particularly with my grandsons age five & nine,
When they will call & chat from USA about the game
who remain excited & interested in this today’s cricket game,
But are yet small to understand that disguised as the modern Cricket
IPL now stands for Innocent Public Looting, Illegal Paisaa Laundering,
Incumbent Public Litigation and many such others twits
Though officially it still stands for cricket , The Indian Premier League….!

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  1. vpshukla says:

    very true vishv ji,

  2. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Excellently drafted poem in English on hot topic. Really a 5 starrer, Sir !

    • Vishvnand says:

      @ashwini kumar goswami
      Thanks very much for your comment & stars, very supportive & encouraging for my efforts. I feel grateful.

  3. sangeeta says:

    Excellent and very true, Sir

  4. ULHAS says:

    IPL summarized………….Though bad for mumbai……Jai Jai Maharashtra Maza………………………………….

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      From wah wah IPL it has become Hai hai IPL
      Lets wait to see when it will be IPL

  5. parminder says:

    Agree to each and every word. The spirit of the game has been vanquished behind money curtain. All that remains is hallaa-bulloo over nothing. Very very well drafted poem. You truly are superb!

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks so very much for your appreciation of the write and the frank observation about the present situation of IPL

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