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One heck of a day

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English Poetry

The alarm broke the notion of thoughts
I searched for the clock in the tainted dark
I pushed my hand up the table side
And made the talcum fall in my eyes..
I cursed my roomie for leaving the bottle open
And pulled myself to search for the siren
The voice became louder and louder
Still in dark i tried to dust off the powder.

“Shut that bastard up” was the cry
The sleep had left my mouth dry.
With a bang the clock went on the floor
“You broke it scoundrel” was the roar.
The clock will be replaced from my pocket
I switched the lights after feeling the socket
The pieces were spread all far and wide
I pulled the door and in came the light

I banged the toilet gate and out came a slang
The pressure was thrilling me to the very end
I ran to the next one across the hall
“Get off the way” was my call
My fast track read quarter to seven
“Ahh” the stink felt like heaven
“Nothing matters” was what i thought
Someone yelled “make it fast”

With a book in my hand, i went to LHC
Someone texted that the quiz was at three
One done five chapters were left to go,
I made my way to the last row.
The prof said “come in the front”
And as usual i had to follow his grunt
In a minute the paper was circulated
And this is what i definitely hated

I knew nothing but the first objective,
Most of the guys got hyperactive
The bell rang; they all started with the paper
“I swore i will kill its maker”
Slowly an hour was about to pass by
I was still stuck on the irrationality of pi.
The first three leaves i had managed to fill
“Wrap up guys” was the professor’s drill

I deposited the paper and sneaked out
Down the stair case into the crowd
“First part was easy” said someone from the front
Slowly i took a purposed turn
Avoiding them all i was walking fast
Someone demanded the answer of the last
There were guys who did it till the end
And i was the one who had nothing to defend

Along came a turn less travelled by
Without a second thought i moved inside
The lights were not able to show me the way
Still i walked down the road, maybe in dismay
A couple was walking at some distance,
And suddenly i got reminded of her existence,
Wish she was there by my side.
Those school days flashed back and i managed a smile.

Somewhere from a distance someone cried..
What are you doing here let’s go for a ride,
There was my wingie on his ranger
Ready to fight the entire world’s danger
Without thinking much i grabbed the carrier
And back we drove to our hostel foyer,
Same yell and scream brought me to life
And forgetting the paper i was ready for next day’s fight


  1. Ulhas says:

    Good story telling…….There is a continuity….

    Good but….

  2. U.M.Sahai says:

    Very nicely written with good rhyming.

  3. parminder says:

    Your start of the day was very interesting indeed. Well narrated.

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