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English Poetry



Craze, delay, ecstacy, greed, grudge, helplessness, hunger,

Inducement, instigation, innocence, jealousy, leisure, lust,

Mentality, Money, parsimony, selfishness, sex and thoughtlessness !


Alphabetically cited above are the main sources of crime,

Of which there are numerous kinds occuring time-to-time !

Hazardous, though, are almost all occurring ciriminal deeds,

The topmost irritating are these days terroristic proceeds !

The world population is stretching all over in billions,

Among them are hidden naxalites to be called non-civilians !

Mighty are armies along with security and detective personnel,

Though quite vigilant but awaiting only administrative signal !

Governments ever seem got bogged in lathargic legal labyrinth,

Holding only meetings as and when terror occurs above the plinth !

Just last Thursday, occurred gravely dreadful derailment,

Of Gyaneshwari Express thereby causing undue detriment !

Uprooting of fish-plates being its reason behind the scene,

A naxalite organization is said to have done what did they mean !

God knows why is administrative circle turned deaf and blind ?

Are there their links, which we ought to immediately find ?

Lest we should keep facing such fatalities too frequently,

Involving drastic damages now and then consequently !



  1. Sangeeta Mundhra says:

    Very truly said, Sir. Such acts are getting more brutal and more frequent and the government seems to be an inert observer to all this.

  2. ULHAS says:

    Agree with Sangeetaji, coming back to poetry…..you are rhyming well……cheers……………..

    Stars = 5

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