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Mumbai Airport

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English Poetry
One more Nature poem…..(View of Mumbai Airport from Jarimari or Kamani Side)


I stand at my doorstep, my hands wide spread aiming the sky

like Rang-de-Basanti, I aim high,

the airplanes land across the fence on the run way

I stand there at my hut, across on the hills, each day.


I dwell my dreams, and on the hilltop is my house,

there are no trees now, the winds rattle the roofs in distress,

as people build a jungle, there are walls and truss

self interests jungle’d in excess.


My hands seek the sky though there isn’t much space to stretch,

and as I see below on my side of the fences, there are buses lined up such,

inch by inch they move, while passengers enjoy the landings sitting in the bus

the traffic sleeps them, to dreams of big planes in the honking fuss.


The runway on the other side of fence runs through our life,

small alleys it has left for the people with their gifted strife,

the planes land and taxi away, they miss the small huts on the hills by inches,

and life has built walls and divided through fences.


Should I dream of flying big, should I spread as my hand,

was Rang-de-Basanti just a three hour film, to enjoy as a brand,

the city of walls creeps further and further, as beings expand

would the airport stretch over the hills or I would expand my dreams, my stand.




  1. Sangeeta Mundhra says:

    Am excellent work stating that even though the concrete jungle and self-interests are swallowing the trees and nature, one must not stop “dreaming big” and dreaming high.

    • ULHAS says:

      @Sangeeta Mundhra,

      You got it ma’am………….how easily have you put the intensions…….I am so happy ma’am……………………….thanks for your comments…………


  2. parminder says:

    You have so successfully pictured the distressing state of expansion. Concrete jungle replacing he greens and now heaven forbid, the hills left might be taken over too. Very nice. Amidst all the mayhem, one can still dream!

  3. U.M.Sahai says:

    Good depiction of increasing urbanisation and loosing our greenery.

  4. viju says:

    a real and true discription, created & to be faced by mankind. very nice sir

  5. Vishvnand says:

    Please consider my feeling on this enlightening poem as comprising all the above apt comments of esteemed members.
    Kudos to you indeed for this beautifully impacting poem.

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