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What is S E X ….!

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What is  S E X ….!

John a smart kid of hardly six
Hurriedly asks his busy mother “Mom what is S E X”
Mom intrigued replies “Don’t know John; better go ask your dad Rex,
He boasts of his knowledge of English
He will have time to explain all your queries”
John goes and asks his dad Rex,
“Dad what is this word S E X
What does it mean, Mom asked me to ask”
Rex, very smart is quick to understand and unmask
“John S E X is wrong, a writing mistake; it should be S I X”
John “Don’t tell me dad that it is wrong,
The word appears in a book, of and on,
And books can’t be wrong”

The cat is out of the bag
Rex couldn’t ask John to summon the book
But mom, who heard all this summons dad,
Fires him to her hearts content, dad is sad,
“I had warned you not to be foolishly careless,
Hiding your book under the pillow was very shameless,
Now I don’t know what do I tell his teacher Miss Agnes.”

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(P.S. : The posting based on a real incident heard many years back,  all names changed to hide identity)


  1. ULHAS says:

    Indeed a beautiful post……………….The poetry is nice and the narration as well…………there are no forced rhymes and forced sentence modification, the flow goes well to explain John’s anxiety as a kid to know everything and a father dilemma on how to better answer him about things……the poem ends very humoursly and the build of narration succeeds truely………

    Stars = 5++

    • Vishvnand says:

      @ULHAS Thanks indeed very much for your comment and particularly the contents which is a good education for me to in future examine and evaluate my poems on such basis.

  2. U.M.Sahai says:

    Wonderful Vishva ji, nice narration.

  3. parminder says:

    Wow, what a narration! The natural curiosity of a child and the repercussions of a careless adult, all so rhythmically presented by you. The humor remains well and truly attached .

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thank you so very much for this delightful appreciation of the poem & the effort.

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