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Who Wrote This Poem!!!

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English Poetry

When I wrote a poem

the poem wrote me.


With strange thought I wrote the poem

the poem made me strange.


Strange thoughts weren’t mine,

which wrote the poem.


My thoughts never wrote a poem

No thoughts were mine.


Whose thoughts were they, who wrote,

the poem had no name.


Words had no name which wrote

my name never wrote a poem.


                                                                     Then who wrote this poem………….!!!




  1. viju says:

    Hmmm.. so the the poem is you
    & you are the poem
    very good concept
    this is something new 🙂

    liked it

  2. Asma says:

    Hmm.. i second what Viju’s said.. Interesting concept.. Has translated well into the verse.. Good write, Ulhas..

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Indeed very beautiful
    confusing but meaningful.
    & when you mull, very joyful

    stars 4 +++

    someone wrote the poem
    I have only remained I
    The poem passed from within me
    That’s why I say poem is mine….

  4. Gion Gion says:

    brilliantly “difficult”.
    Difficult to read if read too quickly.
    There is a familiar feeling in these lines to be thought upon.
    Do we ever write a poem?
    Are we partners at a prompt or mere scribes to our own or some other muse?
    Or as we read back through the lines we pen are we no longer that person?
    Does the emergence of a poem change us in way?

  5. U.M.Sahai says:

    Really difficult and somewhat confusing to comprehend as to what the author wants to convey from this poem. How come the thoughts which come in my mind are not mine? Would you pl elaborate it a little bit?

    • ULHAS says:


      Thanks for the comments….

      I believe that the thoughts that you have are adopted from the things you see or the poems you read or the talks you hear from people and you get influenced. The poem tries to tell you that when you are trying to write something you bring in all those thoughts and in the process you increase your views and many-a-times add in your own personality in that and churn out something totally different, which again changes your thoughts……

      Its all about a thought which you get written upon………..

      Sorry if I cant explain it further because I have tried to churn something myself here…………….

      Thanks for the comments once again…

  6. deep says:

    liked it

  7. karnav says:

    good one, complex yet preserving simplicity

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