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Woman – Man

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(In response to U.M Sahai’s witty piece I made a mess of my comments. Hopefully rectified below.)

If you want to be rid of a man

It takes time and money.

Mathematically we can say:

Couple = time + money            but time is money….so we can say

Couple = money + money        or

= money                           but couple = woman + man……so we can say

Money  = woman + man           or

Woman + man = money           hence

Woman = money – man

Q.E.D.      ….at last!  (~L-)


  1. Vishvnand says:

    I was priding myself as a scholar in mathematics but here in these calculations I am getting totally confused.
    Money = Woman + Man
    Therefore Woman = Money – Man
    And also Man = Money – Woman
    so what are we trying to prove.
    Man & woman both are problems and in trying to resolve their problems we are wasting both our money & our time. Better let the problems be. 🙂

    • Gion Gion says:

      Prof. Vijay Ji,
      I stand over the accuracy of my equation and logic.
      Your conclusions are, in fact, quite correct.
      It seems that I may have omitted the variable “Lawyer” from my calculations,

  2. rajdeep says:

    loved it

  3. U.M.Sahai says:

    Gion, actually in real life, normally
    Woman = Man + Money
    Man – Money = loner , because such a man will not get any woman.

  4. parminder says:

    All you men there, this is a stale topic now, let it rest! 🙂 You cannot win!

  5. ULHAS says:

    Hhahahahaha……………..Money – Man

    Gion Math…………

    Stars = 5

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