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“Predators & Preys”

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English Poetry

“Predators & Preys”


Once while watching the idiot box,

In the knowledgeable discovery channel,

I witnessed an anxiously waiting fox,

Standing aloof and hungry, quite parallel

To a predator cruelly killing his prey,

As usually so happens in natural way !

It was a merciless scene of a lion and a doe,

The latter, heavily pregnant, caught by her foe,

Sandwiched between strong jaws of the lion,

Being dragged towards his den totally to dine !

Another scene exhibited was of an anaconda,

Fighting furiously against a boa constrictor,

Trying to swallow the latter as a digestive addenda,

That being an episode of predator against predator,

Winding around each other with all their might,

With full dexterity of inset embodied accelerator,

Strangling to crush each other to win the fight !

Ultimately the mightier anaconda overcame his rival,

Letting loose the latter to creep along the way,

But in a short while seeing his lingering survival,

The giant anaconda took up swallowing that prey !

These are the natural phenomena of animal life,

Humans happen to watch such heart-piercing game,

Rejoicing unmindful of their own such strife,

Caging such scenes in camera to earn name and fame !

Virtually, though, humans are, too, social animals,

Fighting each other with enviously selfish sense,

To augment their wealth and property ere decimals,

In their best possible monetary lucrative abundance !

Unlike wild animals, human kills human with wisdom,

Using all advanced devices whether always or seldom !



  1. Vishvnand says:

    A nice take on the subject
    and a praiseworthy style of narration.
    Somehow I cannot stand seeing such depiction on TV and therefore never ever see such scenes at all by completely avoiding seeing them. However I did read this poem completely because it was Mr AKGoswami ji’s, liked it a lot and did get to the inherent message it conveys.

  2. Parespeare says:

    well narrated poem

  3. rajdeep says:

    liked it

  4. Raj says:

    A good plot. Yes, it is really hard to see and I do not too.

  5. pankaj goswmi says:

    predator and prey reflects a composition of our nation,there may a sample in every corner ,where ever we peep into…but society is not harmed
    by predators only..there are many parasites infecting..they may be taken into next poem…

  6. pankaj goswmi says:

    predators and parasites are dangerous to society parasites are smaller and more harmful ..please look into them and make some humerous and penetrating peom

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