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Tonight,I can write the saddest lines

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English Poetry

Tonight I can write the saddest lines…..
I didn’t say anything
Neither did you
Just a train of moments went whizzing past
Some beautiful,some stormy,some sad
Your eyes could not even meet mine
The same eyes that made me see dreams
Dreams that we wove together
Except the spindle broke….
Cut by you
And they all lay shattered beneath me

Pick them up at least
Give them their due cremation
Lest they haunt you in every life that you try to live

Give them a good bye kiss
even if its perfunctory
Lest your lips freeze when you are giving one to another

Tonight I can write the saddest lines
I picked up a book to read
And you had written with much love…
Because few adults understand
the magic of flowers  and laughter….
Then why did you scorch the valley of flowers ?
Why did you rob the laughter?
Why are you intent on making widows of souls?
The writing mocks at me
The fingers tremble on picking the book
But they still do and trace the writing…..

Erase them at least
So that they don’t tease me
And kill me with their mocking eyes

Let me wear white
If I could be nothing else
I can be your widow

PS- I have borrowed the title line from Pablo Neruda’s poem


  1. Unbelievably beautiful. I’ve always been at awe by the way you shape the metaphors so beautifully with apt words… Every line every word used to describe the ache of a broken heart seems legit. I also love the way how the repetition of the title line divides the poem neatly into half, the flow never breaks, the lines when you question are so moving, it’s hard not to budge an inch while reaching the finishing lines.

  2. Parespeare says:

    gr8 poem

  3. Vishvnand says:

    A Great poem.
    Can’t express my feelings on reading the poem exactly & better than what feelings Shreyansh has spontaneously & beautifully rendered.
    Indeed for which I thank him
    Kudos to you indeed for penning this beauty
    One thing though. The intensity of love felt in this poem is very nice but very disheartening indeed as against your many others where the intensity of love feelings is intensely delighting. I hope the feelings are only for the sake of the poem for us to feel.

  4. medhini says:

    Magnificent rendition,Renu.

  5. parminder says:

    Simply beautiful! The pain of memories so poignant! Loved it.

  6. rajdeep says:

    i loved it

  7. priyal says:

    Let me wear white
    If I could be nothing else
    I can be your widow..

    sorrow sealed in a few words..

  8. Amit says:

    نيك بويجنانت ديسسريبتيون حر. إ جوست لوفد ث اكستر تون أف يور وريت. إ فعند يو أن ث أرقت مومباي بطس كومنت. حب طه هير فروم يو. 🙂 بي ث واي، يو لوك تو جود فور أ بيت ؛)

  9. Janki says:

    I came across your poems today and I found it incredibly beautiful.

    I am not one to gush online but I wanted you to know I had to use it on the photographs made into film from a visit to the Taj Mahal in 2009.

    I hope the viewing gives you pleasure as it had given my brother and I when we went to the Taj.


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