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English Poetry
Boss is one
who is in time
when you are late
and who  is late
when you are in time.
But Boss is always right,
with whom you can not  afford to fight
and if he is in furious mood
better be out of his sight.
Boss is like Glass.
He is to be handled with care
with one-fourth fact and three-fourth tact.
You will be really happy in life
if you quickly understand this fact.



  1. kishan says:

    Boss !!!!!! aap to real me Bhi Boss hon…jay shree krishna

  2. medhini says:

    A lovely take on the subject, Sahai.

  3. chandan says:

    nice sir

  4. Tushar Mandge says:

    sir, good one. short & sweet

  5. हरीश चन्द्र लोहुमी says:

    Really Nice Sir !!!!
    Congrats !!!

  6. siddha Nath Singh says:

    Mr V.N Narayanan ,noted journalist in one of his article quoted-
    you can not change your boss, but you can try to minimize the loss he can cause.
    There are two “s” s in BOSS indicating that you should practice “sh” ‘sh” in front of Boss, keep mum if you want to remain intact. Is that a fact?

  7. anupama says:

    nice one 🙂

  8. Vishvnand says:

    Nice one. Liked it.

    There are two basic rules to follow in dealing with the Boss.
    Rule No.1:- The Boss is alaways right
    Rule No.2:- When you feel the Boss is not right, refer to Rule No 1
    The spelling of always in Rule no 1 is right.
    You just take care of these two rules and then whatever you do will always be right and then you will also have full freedom to do whatever you desire…. 🙂

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