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Can’t you make me smile again

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Aug 2010 Contest, English Poetry

63 years you count and cheer

pat on your own backs, a pride false

what so great to smile, to celebrate

when I stand grieving, can’t you see?!

I cry, yes I cry

For those who burn alive

Blast away as thousand charred pieces

Merrily who walked the street, unaware

Moments after are just specks numerous

Oh I cry, my heart bleeds

For those sons of my own soil

Day and night who till and toil

Burdened up they live in turmoil

And garland themselves in a rope coil

How can I not grieve? Yes I do!

Living in the valley of exotic beauty

My children think only of black soot

Hollow hearts they move about,

Dying each day; anticipating terror.

I am angry, too furious

At all your smiles of false triumph

Over blind issues: all your fights

Religion, region, mine and his

Never think of me? Am I still “MOTHER” India?!

Wake up my children, please I beg

Can’t you make me smile again

And bask in the pride of being ‘ME’

Mother to a Nation of virtues, where

Each one smiles straight from the heart.


  1. kishan says:

    Very Good !!! anupama ji…

  2. medhini says:

    A lovely take, Anupama.

  3. Parespeare says:

    a meaningful poem on Mother India

  4. U.M.Sahai says:

    Very nicely penned poem, Anupma, Congrats. Keep writing and sharing.

  5. Eric says:

    Nice but lacks rhythm!
    (Don’t mind!)

  6. parminder says:

    Very nice Anupama. The state is awfully sad and Mother is indeed crying tears of blood.

  7. raji1082 says:

    enedu desha bhakti is on flow….?:)

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