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Friends all of us…

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The Days were bright,light and cherry,
Laughter filled the air,smiles radiated..
Fights for choclates,marks and more,
Gossips of globe,guys n’ gals..
Songs blarred hoarsely,as we sung,
Geeks were we,gadgets circulated..
Danced as crazy,guaffed as maniacs,
Dressed as chicks,rampants on the roads..
Beeps from mouth,mobiles beeped,
High on love,jealousy and hate..
Fists flew,hairs pulled,backs slapped,
Chums and Scums we called one..
Hi-fiving the hands,Whooping like mads,
Hooting at bikes,Weeping at marks..
Chalks we ate,Chalks we threw,
Calls we made,Chats at night..
Math at morn,Chem at night,
Newton,Einstein all of us..
Dreaming Physics all day long,
Bisecting the roaches,Smelling chemicals..
Calculating accounts,Studying Bussiness,
Marketing the shares,Pocketing the profits..
Wars and battles,we saw it all,
Dates and deaths,we learnt it all..
Preaching dirty,talking movies,
Jogging in morn,Rackets in eve..
Books scattered,coffee strewn,
Glued eyes,Watching shows..
Love and War,we saw it all,
Hooked as fishes,watching with trysts..
Lived to study,eat maggi and drink dew,
Snacking in gusto,Flabs in presto..
Snatching books,stuffing foods.
Cascading down,Cycling up..
Books and bags first,
Heading to schools,classes and tuesions..
Rocking Raps on corridors,
Laughing our heads off..
Jokes we cracked,Cracks were we,
Holding hands,Healing wounds..
Dawn we marched,Dusk we dragged,
Life was good,Golden as ever..
Stumbling the roads,Helping the souls,
Jumping the gates,Sashaying the paths..
Calling names,Heading forward,
We moved..Friends all of us..


  1. Harish Chandra Lohumi says:

    What a beauty !!!!

  2. anupama says:

    you made me nostalgic. i went to all those places where i visited with my friends. thank you and welcome to this wonderful P4POETRY.

  3. prachi sandeep singla says:

    nice one,,,welcm 2 p4poetry wid dis lovely poem…keep sharing nd stay connected 🙂 i like d way u hav written ur profile here…so confident,,enjoyed it too…all d best nd hop u achieve all ur goals 🙂

  4. parminder says:

    Very very spirited! A wonderful walk down the memory lane! Lovely, enjoyed it thoroughly!

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