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Aug 2010 Contest, English Poetry

Finally the Sun rises, touches the Himalayan peaks,

Blesses India with its holy rays, and we realise

A sense of freedom! A sense of independence!

Mother India becomes independent from the British rule.

Misery, Poverty, exploitation, Bribery,

Away! Miles away from us!!

We are finally free!!

15th August 1947, finally the sacrifice of

All the freedom fighters bore good

And we tasted the sweet fruit of independence.

Many years have passed since then!

And India grew from an Infant to a matured adult,

And is still growing to make the sky its limit,

And eventually emerge as the King of Kings!

Gone are the days when India and Indians were exploited,

Gone are the days when Indians were helpless!

Today India is more diverse than Europe,

Is equally famous for its Bollywood movie stars,

Software engineers, literary giants and steel magnates

And is heading far towards the sky.

But then why India is stagnant over years in its growth?

Why Indians migrate from India in search of Employment?

Perhaps if we realise the satisfaction of staying under our roots,

Until we realise the true worth of being an Indian,

Until we truly salute our flag, truly respect the worth of national anthem,

India and Indians will never progress…

India is our country; can’t we even show our gratitude towards it?

And still call our selves INDIANS


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem depicting passion for the country.
    Liked much.
    Instead of “Journey Begins” better may be to call it “Journey So far”

  2. Parespeare says:

    very passionate poem
    liked it immensely

  3. medhini says:

    A poem with great emotion, Tasneem.

  4. siddha Nath Singh says:

    great moving expression of patritism.

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