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I sat in my house, a house full of mud,
Pondering about the fun that lied ahead,
I knew she would be there, I knew she would wait,
I hoped that tonight I could ask for a date,

The evening breeze made me feel new,
I packed up as the time flew,
Showed up a bit early,
Gulping a beer I was lonely,

My eyes looked the girl, she was no where to be,
I walked up stairs, unknowing of what I’d see,
My friend was there, in the room ahead,
I didn’t expect them to hit the bed.

I heard the beating of my heart
It was broken and torn apart
A lifeless lifeline, a dream too old
I once had a love that was warm and a heart too cold

I went back down with fire in my eyes,
I hided my anger; I felt the need to disguise,
I joined the party, as tears rolled from my face,
14 drinks later, my mind started to race.

I started my car, it was time to think,
All I cared was how much beer I had to drink,
Zipped through the roads at speeds uncontrolled,
A 32 tyre truck made my car rolled.

I died in pain, as it started to rain,
A million thoughts ran through my brain,
2 days later, I was found,
Lifeless along few miles from home,
I was nothing but lying so lifeless alone.


  1. U.M.Sahai says:

    Very good, Sujesh. Kudos. Keep writing and sharing.

  2. Oh Sujesh….hope this is not refraction of your realest feelings that you thinked. But very very deep are your sentiments. Nicely wrotten.

  3. Saritha S. says:

    It’s like a motion picture, gripping and full of twists and turns. And then the end is deeply poignant and simply mindblowing. I don’t remember reading a poem encompassing such a range of emotions lately. Regards.

  4. Ankita says:

    Really touching poem! The emotions take a decent ride without knowing that it has landed towards south-east of my heart. Well done…pls keep writing!

  5. ksr says:

    hi sujesh… never new this hidden talent in you man! the only thing i didnt understand in the poem is the 14 drinks. u mean 14 beers or 14 whiskys, rum or vodka? but that aside, the rest of the poem is very well written… very ‘touching’. keep it up.

  6. skb says:

    wow, love it, poetry in loose motion!

  7. jk says:

    more more more more

  8. Sucker for Poetry says:

    As the poem wore on, i really felt levitated, like someone was calling me to a higher place….brother, i would have preferred if the fire in his eyes would have burnt the bed rather than lead him to drinking more spirits…bro, my heart was certainly beating real hard by the end….touching in many ways than just one….but trust me all women aren’t that bad….

  9. Poetic Injustice says:

    Aa daab, aa daab. Bahut dino ke baad ek aunde kism ke lekhak ko padhne ka mauka mila. Aap ki tasveer ko dekhkar pata nahi chalta kitni gehraayi hai aap ke andar. Khuda aapki kavita ko salamat rakhe. Aur aap ko bhi!! Dono ek doosre ke bagair adhoore hain. Bas ek guzarish hai… sharaab ko in kavitaon se door rakhiye. Aap sharaabi toh ho nahi sakte… aapki surat bataati hai…
    Baaki toh laajawab hai mere dost.

  10. po says:

    love has scared and left you disfigured……but you can’t drink ur misery away. Just keep writing

  11. Ashtamoorthy says:

    Dear Sujesh, Can you tell how an amature poet should start his first poems? I want to write like you, but I don’t know where to begin. Regards A.

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