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English Poetry, Sep 2010 Contest


There was a thud, thud-thud, I heard someone said,
Sounded like, “It’s just the beginning” and I swayed.
Anticipated my dad’s return from the trade,
Toddled towards the door with the eyes still dead,

I opened up to smell the moist soil in the air,
To see a puddle with droplets bouncing here and there.
I could hear the whispers of the rain embracing the leaves,
The thud in the background woke me out of my sleep,

The earth had a porous umbrella over its head,
The birds took a day off, the Sun rested in the cloudy-bed,
With the drops playing the drums, frogs singing the song,
The wind rocked in the concert and the peacock danced along.

How much I wished the sight to last longer, till eternity,
How much I hoped it’s not a dream but reality!
It soon died, like it always did, every time!
Woke up to see a smelly earth, and the devil Sun shine,

With a void of moisture in the atmosphere,
Ate on the grass roti and had to drink my own tear.
Asked my mom, where we were headed to,
“To a place with the green grass and some water too!”

I wished I could borrow some from the dream I see..
Rather like to stay asleep forever, said to my mummy.
Wondered would it ever rain, I could taste it again,
The “amrit”, we need it, else it would be my brother again..

Vijesh Bhute


  1. tushki says:

    Another awesome poem by bhute 🙂

  2. anju says:

    hey its nice….the 3rd para is too gud…..i mean it feels so gud while readng it…..tht “said to my mummy” in the last one z nt sounding gud….rest its gud….quite gud..:)

  3. anjali says:

    very good i like ur poem.

  4. sriya mukherjee says:

    day by day u r just getting better and better 🙂
    my cute bro a beautiful poem

  5. Shreyansh says:

    I like what you’ve been doing with your themes in the last few poems. Your words win the reader’s sympathy. Moreover, you end your poems strongly, kudos to you for that!

  6. vijesh bhute says:

    @Shreyansh, Thanx bro for appreciating my work.. Its high time people should think about small yet vital issues..

  7. Vishvnand says:

    Very beautiful poem.
    Unique, hearty & hard hitting
    Liked immensely.

    ( I think ‘on tear’ should read ‘own tear’)

  8. Parespeare says:

    nice work Vijesh
    enjoyable read

  9. Richa says:

    Gud wrk …. liked this one!! 🙂 😉

  10. Kullu says:

    hey bhute nice one..
    Beautifully arranged !!
    was expecting more and more while reading !!!

  11. amit478874 says:

    Hello Bhute…,
    I really appreciate your work..! It been very high definition Poem. The words are really heavy to think over..! Excellent poem..!

  12. mehul says:

    INCEPTION……..kmast bhedu ur progress is just awsome..
    write a poem on sea.pl.

  13. bhupesh says:

    This time its hope that has touched my imagination. Its a heart warming poem, well articulated.

  14. swathi salin says:

    wonderful poem…..seriously u r the BEST…….great imagination…loved the poem especially the last line…..

  15. swathi salin says:

    wonderful poem…

  16. medhini says:

    A nice poem, well worded, Vijesh.

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