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the dreamer dreamt

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English Poetry, Sep 2010 Contest

a dreamer dreamt a sweet dream,
and wished the dream were true.

it was a girl he dreamt of ,
so beautiful he’d melt.
it was love he felt,
to the temptation he knelt.

the dreamer dreamt of fantasies,
wished the dream were true.

the dream was now reality,
the only thing he could see.
blinded by love and lust,
he felt an insatiable thirst..

the dream came to a sudden end,
wished this weren’t true.

between  sanity and insanity,
he was between the unreal and reality.
there would be no misery no pain ,
if only he could dream again..

the dreamer never dreamt,
wished this weren’t true


  1. rohanrathod says:

    i have compared the dream in this poem with a relationship with unrealistic expectations.the dream coming to an end symbolises the relationship coming to an end without an explanation and in such a way that it never existed. hope you like it..

  2. Vishvnand says:

    No doubt a beautiful poem and a nice unique take on the analogy.
    But is it not possible to put the comment poetically as the last stanza in a way that it becomes a significant part of the poem itself without your having to clarify your idea in a separate comment.
    Like ” Is the love relationship any different from such dreams….etc etc..”
    Just a thought on reading the poem and comment…

    commends for the poem.

  3. Parespeare says:

    nice poem with parallelism
    liked it

  4. medhini says:

    A beautiful poem, indeed, Rohan.

  5. parminder says:

    A beautiful poem. The expectations and the ultimate disappointment very well portrayed.

  6. Gion Gion says:

    good one. So true to life so often,

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