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“Valuation Of Verses”

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English Poetry

“Valuation Of Verses”


Though self-praise is no recommendation, we say,

I can’t help violate this concept to obstruct my way !

Let me, hence, to be frank and free meekly to mention

To gain encouragement without any lucrative intention !

That I have all along adhered to sanguine stunning style,

While composing poems to pontificate ponderous profile !

I often prefer alliterative and appropriate choosy words,

Right from the title unto the conclusive part of the verse !

As any critic or reader might have invariably witnessed

On reading my poems, which may be evidently assessed !

I believe, the readers must have enriched their glossary,

By their virtue and worth or via any academic gallery !

In as much as deciphering my poesy in the right earnest,

So as to enable me to go ahead in my egoistic poetic test !

I, hence, urge upon the readers to impart impartial views,

Whether they have acquired anything likely to gain or lose ?

This shall certainly go a long way to upgrade anthology

Of my poems over and above any literary terminology !

The publication of anthology of my poems is under process,

So, ad interim, I am awaiting views of readers to re-assess !



  1. Vishvnand says:

    I can only say on my part
    I find all your poems very delighting & a class apart
    on the subjects so varied but all written with deliberations smart
    in Imparting knowledge & advice as a beautiful poetic art
    I must admit, from you & your poems I have invariably learned a lot…..
    Using Sushil ji’s terminology, Thank you from the bottom of my heart….

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @Vishvnand, Sir ! As you know well,
      I also happen to seek your advice and enlightenment off and on and with your impartial appraisals, I can say without hesitation that I have always
      been encouraged and inspired to go ahead with better than the best
      compositions of poems in a stunning style in each case ! Let me
      convey a tankful of thanks for your virtue of amiable attitude ever !

  2. kishan says:

    vichar aap ke achhe hain sir………aap ki ye badi rachna tarnlt..karke hi padha hun ,,,,,,,jay shree krishna

  3. rajdeep says:


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