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Beauty of Warmth

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English Poetry

The time period of cache

Counts more than a decade;

From depth, indeterminate,

With digitized precision and no edit;

The embedded syllables resonate

and cut through, but quiet.

With accelerated retrieval speed

The images, once again, fascinate;

How did the Archive‘s links remain inherent?

And just need a virtual trigger, to reconnect?

Is it the immortal Warmth?


  1. Gion Gion says:

    Great, Kanchana,
    loved the techno imagery.
    I tried something similar in “Threading through it.”

    I like the way you use the idea of data retrieval to symbolize connecting with memory and divinity.

    Just a couple of points; – “and cuts through,” – here the form of the verb (to cut) should be (cut) to agree grammatically with “syllables.
    “precision and” – “but quiet.” – “remain inherent?” – reduce spaces between the words.

  2. Abhi Tamrakar says:

    you blowed me off to the Electronics triggering concept..nice technopoem…good one the last line cleared 4 wat and where the poem going..

    nice keep it up…

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Very techno savvy poem
    I felt as if this Gift from Divinity here named as Immortal Warmth is defined in highly technical terms.
    Commends for this beautiful poem of an original lovely style
    Yes the whole phenomenon is like a supernatural miracle & a great precious gracious gift from Almighty but often without even a spec of gratitude we take it for granted and don’t even ponder.

  4. parminder says:

    Lovely, techy poem. Loved the words symbolising thw techy workings and Divinity! Beautiful!

  5. rajdeep says:

    loved it

  6. kanchana says:

    Thank you v much Rajdeep

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