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English Poetry

Designed and written by- Abhi

This is the first poetry i’m posting in English and also first designer poetry. Designed and Composed by me.


  1. Vishvnand says:

    I liked the poem
    But personally I feel this is too loud a presentation for the fine sentiments being conveyed in the poem.

    • Abhi Tamrakar says:

      @Vishvnand, Sir, I do agree with your Reply , I made it like this to give up a new way to poetry; a poetry coupled with Design..
      thanks for your nice comment.

  2. nitin_shukla14 says:

    Abhi this is really nice Poem, and presenting it this way is very Creative too, but I feel It would have been more Innovative if yourself have sprinkled some colours on a Paper and then pasted these Lines

    • Abhi Tamrakar says:

      @nitin_shukla14, yeah i first thought to make it like that only, but then i decided to try out something very new and different..to present the poetry of my own..
      thanks for your nice comment..

  3. Dhirendra Misra says:

    Very nice and cute..

  4. Gion Gion says:

    Hi Abhi,
    very nice poem and idea for the design but the picture exceeds the display area of the post.
    As to the writing why use txt spk “wid” when you use “with” in verses before and after? Correct spelling looks and reads better.

    • Abhi Tamrakar says:

      @Gion Gion, yup i realise a bit later about that..tried using half size but it was too small and to convey this idea i have to keep as it is…well i’ll see this could not be done next time..

      the use of “wid ” in place of “with” is my mistake ..and will not be repeated..

      thanks sir for appreciation and correction advise…

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