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Truth of Life

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English Poetry

Have you ever tried your number?

You would find engaged

Yes this is the reality

You must not be amazed.


Deep sorrow or immense depression,

Moments of happiness, you always share.

Sitting alone, closing your eyes,

Conversation to conscience is always rare .


Our sincerity towards the life,

Gets us everything, we always strive.

We remain so stuck up, day in, day-night,

To make our family’s future bright.

We never think of, our thoughts that died,

We walk, work, eat, sleep, and thrive,

Seems to be the only style of living life.  


Another way of talking to conscience,

Value your thoughts,

Which are divine.

Your heart and soul are biggest shrine.

Do write something, change your time,  

There is a platform P4, you must join.  





  1. rajiv srivastava says:

    well said and a very good thoughts .p4poetry have really changed our time- congrats

  2. nitin_shukla14 says:

    Thanks a Lot ! Rajiv ……
    I have tried writing in english, feel happy if u liked it

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Indeed a commendable attempt. Liked very much
    The idea of the poem is unique and very fine
    It is a nice poem but felt needs more work to refine
    So that what’s being conveyed really flourishes & shines…

    • nitin_shukla14 says:

      Thank you sir for liking it.
      I accept that It requires refinement, reason I do not get words to express my feelings in English
      I will again Try…

      • Vishvnand says:

        Nitin ji, I can understand. I often face the same situation. I suggest you first pen a poem on this thought & idea in Hindi. Then when in mood you try to convert/translate your Hindi poem in to English. It becomes a very lovely exercise enjoyable to oneself. I have many times done this and thus have landed with two poems, one in Hindi and one in English. The English poem becomes a poem of a different flavor than the normal.

  4. medhini says:

    Well written, Nithin.
    Every one may be facing
    some problems while writing
    our thoughts, I feel.

  5. Gion Gion says:

    a nice piece. A nice message.
    “day in, day-night” – I feel this is a very clever tweak of the phrase “day in, day out” and a good device to maintain the rhyme with “bright”.
    The only change that I would suggest is to replace the word ( got ) in “got died” with the word ( that ). Otherwise I feel the poem carries the intent in correct english. As to rhyming? there is enough and it has a flexibility that does not get in the way of the language,

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